White Evil Eye Wall Art,,Glass,Fused glass

Sale price$79.00

Elevate your home with a touch of modern sophistication through our frame adorned with a blue evil eye—an ancient symbol of protection revered throughout history.
Crafted using the fusing technique, each piece undergoes meticulous molding and casting within a specialized oven. Through precise temperature control and mathematical calculations, we anticipate and shape the glass to achieve the desired result.

Before entering the oven, the glass is expertly cut into the desired shape, sometimes drilled or ground to perfection. Within the heat of the oven, compatible glasses merge seamlessly, allowing us to create intricate reliefs and captivating color blends.

After 24 hours of careful craftsmanship, the finished masterpiece is unveiled—a unique fusion of artistry and tradition, ready to adorn your space with beauty and safeguard your home with its protective charm.

Product size - Width: 11.81 inches Height: 11.81 inches Depth: 0.79 inches

Each piece is meticulously handcrafted in Greece

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