Round Evil Eye Fused Glass Art on Stand

Sale price$199.00

Give your home a modern touch with this handmade sculpture. The fusing technique involves casting glass in special molds and carrying out the process in a closed oven. Using mathematical formulas and understanding the behavior of glass at different temperatures, we predict the desired result with relative accuracy. We carefully program the furnace and oversee all stages of the glass's transformation. After 24 hours, we unveil the result of our artistic endeavors.

Initially, basic processes such as glass cutting are performed outside the oven. We shape the glass using special cutting tools and then decide whether to drill or grind it based on the object's type. Inside the oven, we can also combine multiple pieces of glass if they are compatible, allowing them to fuse together seamlessly during baking. This technique enables us to create intricate reliefs and vibrant color schemes that enhance the artwork's visual depth.

Each piece is meticulously handcrafted in Greece.

With the base, the sculpture stands approximately 13.5 inches tall and features a 9-inch round glass.

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