Vibrant Spring Butterfly Decor Plate – Fused Glass Art, Decorative Piece, New Home Gift, Home Decor, Handmade Tableware, Unique Design

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Vibrant Spring Butterfly Decor Plate: Fused Glass Art, Decorative Piece, Perfect for New Home Gifts and Home Decor. This exquisite plate measures 9" by 9" and showcases a delightful spring butterfly scene, crafted using 4 levels of embossed fused glass.

Crafted using the glass fusing technique, this decorative plate features a vibrant array of colors, adding brightness and charm to any space. The process begins with shaping the glass in custom molds and heating it in a specialized kiln. Precise mathematical calculations ensure accurate results. The kiln reveals the beautifully crafted piece, showcasing its intricate textures and vivid colors.

In the initial stages, the glass is meticulously cut to the desired shape using specialized cutting tools. Depending on the design, the glass may also be drilled or finely polished. Inside the kiln, compatible glass pieces meld together during the heating process, forming a visually stunning and dynamic plate that enhances any decor.

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